About Me

Hello Everybody, my name is Joseph and I truly enjoy health and everything associated with it and all


the benefits you can gain from a healthy lifestyle.  Just like a lot of people I’ve tried many different diets, especially during sports in high school, either to lose weight or gain weight, gain muscle or tone up, or just to be healthy and feel good.

Growing up I’ve seen diabetes plague many of my family members, including my own mother, and the repercussions can be deadly.  Also, I myself have struggled with depression and thought I would never get out of it.  I created this site to help any and every person out there that struggles with weight problems, depression, or just wants to exercise and learn about becoming healthy.  I hope this site helps teach how important is it to live a healthy lifestyle and help identify foods and products that can really help along in your journey and make eating and exercising more enjoyable.  I encourage everyone to get involved in this site and ask questions about anything you might see, and maybe share your story as well.

Now to give you some insight about my health quest….

I am 27 years old and really have learned to enjoy life and never take things for granted.  In order to do that it took me going down the wrong path for a little while and taking on some bad habits.  When a lot of people think of being healthy, they think that being skinny means your healthy and that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Health isn’t just about weight, it in about the proper functioning of your body and everything on the inside, even your mood and happiness.

I went to a Division 1 University right out of high school and was very healthy and took great care of my body.  However, a couple years down the road I started hanging with the wrong crowd and developed a drug habit, which led me to a very unhealthy lifestyle that ultimately leads to trouble or death if you don’t take control and choose to stop.  I was very skinny but I was not healthy, and I developed severe depression and thought there was no way out.  Boy was I wrong, and the things that helped me the most were exercising, eating the right foods and supplements, and just developing a healthy lifestyle.  I want to help anyone who deals with any kind of issue or just wants help living healthy and being happy.

So you can go through my site, look through all the helpful information and products I have put on here and take the steps yourself to becoming a healthier YOU!  If I could transform myself, trust me, anybody can do it, so I hope you enjoy.

Thank you all,