When you hear the word exercise, boring and time consuming may come to mind.  You may ask yourself, can I lose belly fat? Often, you’re searching for the fastest way to burn fat.  Exercising can benefit you in more ways than just losing fat.  It can help with depression, help with anxiety, and help you become an overall happier person.  Walking on a treadmill and staring at a wall for forever is boring and IS NOT a very effective way to lose weight and burn fat.

Circuit training and short bursts of energy are proven ways to get rid of unwanted weight fast.  You want to get your heart rate up doing intense exercises for short periods of time.  This can cut your workout time down and lose fat fast.  This training can also be done in the comfort of your own home even while watching your favorite TV show.  I know everyone doesn’t have time to go to the gym, or even have the money to pay a gym membership every month, but I know everyone can find 20 minutes or less out of their day for these fun exercises that can teach you how to lose weight and gain muscle.

EXERCISE #1Jogging on the beach

Jogging in place:  This is a very basic exercise but can get your heart rate up and takes up very little  space.  When you do this exercise you want to start out slow and increase the speed, making sure to bring your knees up high and pumping your arms fast.  This is going to enable you to get the most benefits out of this exercise!



  1. While standing your going to want to squat straight down.
  2. You then put your hands on the ground in front of you and kick your legs straight back where you are now in the pushup position.
  3. From the pushup position you are going to bring your legs back in so you are back in the squat position and then stand or jump to your feet.  You want to do this all in one motion. You are going to want to repeat this exercise for several reps.

Burpee 1

burpee 2  burpee 3



Lunges and Lunge Jumps:

  1. To do a lung your going to stand with your feet side by side lungeshoulder width apart.
  2. Your going stick one foot about 2 feet in front of the other and squat down while your foot is in front of the other.  Your front leg should be bent at a 90 degree angle and the knee of your back foot should be touching the ground.
  3. You are then going to push off with your front foot that is bent to stand back in the standing position how you started.  You then are going to repeat the motion except putting the other foot in front and squatting.  You want this all to be one motion and speed up the process.
  4. You want to 10-15 reps with each leg for 3-4 sets.




pushup 1    pushup 2

Pushups:  I think most people know what a pushup is and how to do one.  This is a great exercise because it works your whole upper body and even your abs.  There are also several different variations of pushups you can do to target specific muscles.  Putting your hands wide will work your back and the back of your shoulders, while putting hands closer together will target your chest and triceps.

You can stick your feet on the couch or a chair or bench to get an incline pushup.  This gives you the incline bench press feeling and results.  When doing burpees you can do a pushup or even a couple once you go down into the pushup position before returning to the squat position.

For a intense lower ab workout you can put your knee out to the side while in the pushup position and bring your knee as far as you can towards your arm.  Then you put it back and switch legs and repeat for several repetitions.


treadmill circuitTreadmill, Circuit Running:

  1. Start out walking to get warmed up and then increase the speed to a jog and after 20 seconds or so to a full speed run that you can handle.  Run at this full speed pace for 30 seconds to a minute
  2. Decrease it back to a jog for 20 seconds, then to a walk for about 30-45 seconds and then repeat.  This is a great exercise to get your heart rate up and burn fat.

This exercise goes by pretty quick and intense because you are constantly changing speeds.

Let’s take a quick break from these great exercises for a second so I can explain a couple things.

  • Don’t ever overdo it.  Start out slow and work your way up to more reps and harder variations.
  • Always do some kind of warmup to get loose to help with soreness or prevent pulling a muscle.
  • Stretching before and after a workout can prevent injury and help with soreness as well. It helps with blood flow and is a MUST for any exercise plan.  Five minutes of stretching is better than no stretching at all.
  • I really want you to learn these exercises and be able to make your own workouts for each day including at least a couple of these a day.   So lets continue…..


jump ropeJump Rope:  You can get a jump rope from most places pretty cheap, however, I want you to know the best rope to get is one that has some weight to it.  You DO NOT want to get a really light rope like the one pictured to the bottom right because they have a hard time getting all the way around because they are so light.   I like to do sets of 50-100 reps or just jump continually for at least a minute for 3-4 sets.

If you mess up do not stop keep going and take a break of about 30rope material seconds to a minute in between sets.  You don’t want to rest long between sets, you want to rest long enough to catch your breath.  Trust me, the less time you rest the more fat you burn because your heart rate is going to stay up.

Pictured right (These jump ropes typically tend to be too light)



  1. You want to start out with your feet shoulder width apart and squat down like you are sitting in a chair with your knees at a 90 degree angle and keeping your back as straight as possible.  This exercise DOES NOT have to be done with weight, body weight is just fine but you do want to do a good amount of reps.                                                                                                                       squat
  2. Another thing you want to make sure to do is start out with your hands up right under your chin pointed up.  As you squat down, your hands are going to go down to your sides and as you come up your hands come up.

If you are using body weight your going to want to squat down a little bit faster than you would with weight.  Also, I like to burst up from the squatting position to really get a good burn in your legs and add more cardio to it

Jump Squats:  This exercise can be a good addition to your squats after you  get good at the regular ones or can even do both.

  1. It is done just how its sounds, you want to squat down and burst up and jump all in one motion.
  2. As soon as you land on your feet you want to immediately squat again and make this all one motion to really work up a sweat!



  1. Do to a plank you are going to want to lay flat on your belly.
  2. Get into pushup position, except instead of your hands holding you up, you are going to use your forearms to hold you up.
  3. Stay in this position for 30 seconds to a minute for beginners and increase time as you get better

Side Planks:

  1. With this one you are going to lay on your side to start.
  2. If laying on your right side, your going to use your right forearm to hold you up off the ground for several seconds.
  3. Make sure none of your body is touching the ground except your forearm and your foot on the right if you are doing the right and vise versa.

Walking Planks:

  1. Start off in the regular plank position.
  2. If you are going to start off moving to the right lift your right forearm and move it several inches to the right while moving your foot to the right, then lifting up the left side and moving to the right as well.
  3. After you do the right side, do the same amount of repetitions with the left side.


Box Jumps:

  1. You must have something sturdy to jump on to that is low enough that you will be able to jump on top of it.
  2. You want to start feet shoulder width apart and go down into a squat.
  3. Burst up and jump onto the box with both feet and jump back down.
  4. You can also do box step-ups for beginners.  This is where you step up onto the box beginning with one foot and rotate which foot you use to step-up to work both of your legs.


Jumping Jacks:

  1. To do a jumping jack your are going to start with your hands by your side and your feet together.
  2. You are then going to jump and as you jump bring your hands straight up over your head and your legs apart simultaneously so you land with your hands above your head and your feet about 2 feet wider than the starting position.
  3. You are then going to jump again bringing your hands back down to your side and feet back together simultaneously.  Your are going to do this fast without stopping for several repetitions and make it all one motion.  Start with 50-100 reps for each set and increase as you get better.


Balancing Twists:

  1. Your are going to start sitting on your butt with your legs together, and your knees bent facing up.
  2. While your knees are bent facing up, your going to lift your legs up off the ground a few inches where you just balancing on your butt.
  3. While in this position hold your hands together and put them down on the ground next to one side of your hip.
  4. You are then going to twist your upper body while switching your hands to the other side of your hip.  You are going to go back and forth twisting your upper body and feel a burn all over your abs.



  1. Start out laying flat on your back with your legs straight down and together and your hands to your sides.
  2. Lift both legs about 3 inches off the ground and keep them together.
  3. Take one leg and lift it as high as you can while your other leg is still 3 inches off the ground.
  4. Then as you are bringing that leg down lift the other leg as high as you can and keep the other leg 3 inches off the ground.
  5. Your legs and feet will never touch the ground once you start this exercise.  That is what is going to give you a burn in your abs and legs and make this exercise so effective.