How to lose fat fast and how to help depression

Exercising has many benefits besides just losing weight.  It can help with a lot of mood problems, depression and anxiety.  Doctors are diagnosing these kinds of problems more than ever before and atDepression younger ages.

Prescription medicine is usually their answer instead of ways to help depression naturally, and these drugs can have many unpleasant side effects.  I know this because I was put on them at the age of 18.   They can make depression worse, mess up your libido, cause mood swings, and the list goes on and on.  Antidepressants might work for some people but exercising is a much healthier alternative without the nasty side effects.

What you allow to enter your body can play a big role in your happiness.  It is crucial to reduce or just cut out completely toxins such as cigarettes, alcohol, fast food, and processed food.  Several studies have shown a link between fast food and obesity as well as alcohol and depression.  There’s a good reason that alcohol is classified as a depressant.


Being positive can make for a happier person as well.  No one wants to be around someone who is always negative.  Try to see the good in someone instead of the bad and they are likely to do the same.  Its a chain reaction that can boost confidence and a confident person is much happier.

These are just the first steps one must take to start losing weight and improve mood.


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2 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    Really good article. It’s amazing how many people neglect the fundamentals of basically ‘living’, exercise is clearly one of these and all it takes is just a walk everyday or even every other day!

    I personally don’t drink or smoke but I’m probably guilty of eating too much processed food. Did you come across any other draw-backs, other than obesity in your research?


    • Yes I know with all these office jobs people get stressed and don’t have time to workout or whatever. i’m sorry but everyone make time to walk to do 20 minutes of exercise a couple days a week. Any other drawbacks of what?

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