Lemon and Water for Weight Loss

Lemon water and weight loss

Lemon and water for weight loss

Lemon and Water for Weight Loss

Health Benefits to drinking water and How Long can you Survive without water?

Water is the universal solvent and the key to survival.  We must drink water on a daily basis to hydrate and keep our body functioning properly.  How long can you survive without water? Let me just go over what would happened if you suddenly stopped cosuming water:

  1. An adult human being is made up of about 65% water.  The water in our body regulates body temperature, provides cushioning for our joints, and is a lubricant for our organs.  On average, we lose around 2 liters of water a day just from breathing and going to the bathroom. Crazy!
  2. The thirst feeling comes from the part of your brain called the hypothalamus.  When your brain is craving water you must satisfy that thirst by drinking water.  If you go just one day without water or consuming anything containing water, dehydration symptoms start.  Your mouth dries out and your urine starts turning darker.  These are just the first signs of dehydration.
  3. Your brain then starts decreasing its functions and you begin to get light headed, start moving slower, have slow response time, and may even get a headache.
  4. As you go longer without water your brain actually shrinks.  This comes after only 1-2 days without water.  Your dry mouth will worsen to the point where can’t even swallow, you will start getting nauseous, your muslces start twitching or cramping, and you will have a very hard time completing simple tasks.
  5. After just 3-4 days without water your body will begin shutting down and eventually your brain

    Lemon and water for weight loss

    shuts down.

This is pretty wild considering it only takes a few days for your body to completely shut down.  The good news is you can get water to the body in other ways than just drinking plain water.  Most of the food and drinks you eat or drink contain water, but why is putting lemon in water so good for you? Many people wonder if drinking lemon water and weight loss should be mentioned together.

Lemon and water for weight loss

Lemon and water for weight loss


Lemons alone have several health benefits:

  • Loaded with vitamin C
  • Cleans bowels
  • Detoxifies the liver
  • Strengthens blood vessels
  • Anti-cancer properties
  • Antibacterial properties

So you can see the importance and health benefits of lemons, so when you put lemon in water, it can transform your world.

Lemon and water for weight loss

Lemon and water for weight loss

When you wake up in the morning you want to drink a glass of lemon water first thing.  You haven’t had anything to drink for several hours.  Your liver is working all night and your body needs adequate  water in the morning to recharge your brain and the lemon helps aid in proper digestion for the day.  Lemon also creates stomach bile and acid and is going to flush out the toxins and re hydrate your body.

Warm lemon water is even better because it is going to perform all the benefits at a faster pace.  That is why hot lemon water for weight loss is recommended.  There is no strong evidence that shows lemon water directly sheds weight but there are studies that show people who drink lemon water in the morning maintain healthier weights.  Another study showed the rate at which calories are burned increased 30% after only ten minutes of drinking water and got even higher after 30 minutes.

This is the reason drinking lemon water in the morning is so important, you want these benefits performing all day long.  The lemon in water is going help aid in weight loss.


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7 Responses

  1. Sherry says:

    I just started drinking lemon water in the mornings and I have definitely noticed a difference in energy and feel much better. I didn’t realize lemons had such healing properties.

  2. That is very powerful about what happens to the body if we dont drink water. I will be showing this to my husband. He avoids it and drinks coffee all day, and pop all night. Yuck!
    I love drinking hot lemon water but have discovered it is very bad for creating cavities. I truly would like to drink lemon water on a regular basis. Any ideas besides brushing your teeth right after drinking?

    • I know CRAZY right!!! I know exactly how you feel my dad and my sister both don’t drink hardly any water at all and I always try to tell them how bad it is not to drink water. I will be sending them the link to this post for sure. My sister gets really bad migraines to the point where she can’t think straight and I really believe its from not drinking water. They both drink soda and caffeinated drinks as well and I don’t know how they do it. Yeah those dental problems probably come from all the acid that a lemon has.
      If I was you I would buy a toothpaste that protects against fruit acids such as sensodyne. One of the sensodyne toothpaste boxes specifically says it protects your teeth against against fruit acids. I would also try to find a mouthwash that does the same. That way you can brush at your regular times and get that all day protection from those. Also I would recommend coconut oil pulling, if you’ve never heard of it definitely look it up, it has a lot of benefits. It is supposed to restore enamel, clean your gums very well, reduce inflammation, and help restore cavities. I hope this helps a little bit…

  3. Eliane says:

    I’ve been drinking lemon water for a few months now and absolutely love it.
    Although I heard – as you stated – that with warm water the effects are even better, I tend to drink it at room temperature for convenience matters.
    I heard it all started with the Japanese. Is there any truth to that?

    • Yes I’ve gotten my whole family hooked on drinking lemon water first thing in the morning it really makes you feel good. I think with warm water you still get pretty much the benefits as if hot. I’m not sure where it started to be honest but that sounds like it could have truth to it. Alot of home remedies and herbal teas and things of that nature started over in Asia so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s where lemon water started.

  4. This is very interesting to me because I recently took up drinking lemon-water. Not for any particular reason other than the fact a close relative of mine suggested it. The benefits you mention here only solidifies my continuous drinking of lemon-water

    • Yes it has a lot of benefits especially if the water is warm. It is a great way to start the day and you feel much better and notice the difference. It also helps you drink more water because just drinking plain water all the time gets boring, adding lemon to it gives it a nice flavor without having to drink a sugary drink.

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