Vitamix 5200, Ninja BL770, Magic Bullet Reivew – Blending is the New Juicing

Product:  Vitamix 5200 Blender
Cheapest Place to buy:
Size of Container:  64 ounce
Guarantee:  7 year warranty
My Rating:  9.7 out of 10


The Vitamix 5200 Product Overview

The Vitamix 5200 is very simple to use and the container attaches and detaches very easy.  It has a knob where you can control the power and speed so you can chose how thick or thin you want it.  It has a 64 ounce container so you can make fit more fruits and vegetables in it and make larger batches.  I have used this blender several times and it is the absolutely best blender out there.

You can do more than smoothies….

Like I said you can change the speed of the blender at any point of your blending to control the texture of your recipe.  The large container gives you the the choice of blending small, medium, or large batches.  The blade is stainless steal and has 12 different tiny details that goes into the design to give you the best smoothie.  You can make steaming hot soup in under 10 minutes from the friction of the blade creating enough heat for your soup to come out steaming.

You can knead dough and mix batters in a jiffy or blend silky smooth purees or sauces.  Grind nuts, seeds, or coffee with the power to turn your nuts into nut butter or coffee beans into ground coffee.  Add frozen ingredients to make frozen ice cream or other frozen treats.

Clean up in no time….

Just add a drop of dish soap and a little bit of water in the container and blend for 30 to 60 seconds and you have a very clean blender that cleans itself.

This Vitamix 5200 is the real deal and I highly recommend it. Anyone who wants to start blending very healthy delicious smoothies while still being able to do everything else will not be disappointed and see this product is completely worth the money.

If you have any comments or questions you can comment at the bottom of the page or leave your own review of the product, that would be great.

Product:  Ninja BL770 Professional Blender
Cheapest Play to Buy:
Size:  72 ounce container, 8 cup food processor bowl, two 16 ounce cups
Guarantee:  1 year limited warranty
My Rating:  9.0 out of 10

The Ninja BL770 Professional Blender Product Overview

The Ninja BL770 is a very good blender, especially for the money.  You get a chopping bowl that does all your food processor and chopping.  You also get two 16 ounce cups for making single serving smoothies.  The cups detached right to the blender so there is no transferring from big to little container.  You get 1500 watts and 2+ horsepower so there is plenty of power to blend with professional power.

The total crushing technology can crush just about anything you put into it in seconds.  I have a Ninja blender at home and it crushes your food up to pure liquid leaving nothing behind.  The food chopping bowl is very handy and works as a food processor, a very powerful one.  It only takes a couple seconds to chop up herbs or lettuce.  It has a built in vitamin and mineral extractor which makes your fruit and vegetable smoothies much more beneficial.  The Vitamix and the Ninja both have this feature and locks in the fiber, which big, fancy, juicing machines don’t do.

Very good deal for the money…

This is definitely the best blender you can get for the price.  It doesn’t have quite the blending power as the Vitamix 5200 but you get a couple more things with it.  The 16 ounce cups are very handy for making a single smoothie.  If your in a hurry, you can put your ingredients in the single cup and have a smoothie ready to go in seconds already in a cup that has a open and close lid.

This blender is a little bit louder than the Vitamix but every blender has some noise when blending.

Overall, the Ninja BL770 gets the job done smoothies and you get a lot of stuff with it for a great price.  If your looking for a commercial result with no complains I would go with the Vitamix, but if you are looking for something that has less power but still does a professional job and has some different containers that do different things the Ninja BL770 is the one for you.

Product:  Magic Bullet blender
Cheapest Place to Buy:
Size:  One 16-ounce cup, One Mug, One short cup
Guarantee:  One year limited warranty
My Rating:  8 out of 10

Magic Bullet Blender Product Overview

This blender is smaller than the other two mentioned above but that doesn’t mean it won’t chop your fruit and vegetables up into liquid.  This has very good power and is great for smoothies, lattes, and other frozen drinks.  The Magic Bullet is more of a blender for people that are always in a hurry and need a smoothie on the go.  Also, if you want a blender that is for just for smoothies and chopping smaller batches, this one is for you.

I would recommend when making smoothies or whatever your making to cut your ingredients into smaller pieces first.  This has good power but not quite the power of the other two and putting big pieces in it could burn up the motor.  This blender comes with 11 pieces ranging from different size cups to lids and things to that nature.  It also comes with a recipe book that has some good ideas for different smoothies.

Cleaning with this blender is pretty easy you just stick a drop of soap and some water and blend for about 10 seconds and it gets pretty clean.  This is a blender for a quick smoothie, you don’t want to do any heavy blending in it.  If you blend longer than a minute you have a better chance of burning out the motor.  The Magic Bullet is overall a great blender for single smoothie and people that want a quick, easy batch.

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  1. Jim says:

    These look like like very good products. I’ve been looking at blenders for my wife. I like the Ninja Blender. The price seems good compared to the ones I’ve looked at.I will be talking to my wife about ordering one. Thank you for the great review.

    • Thank you for reading jim I’ve done a lot of research and tried alot of blenders and these are definately the best ones you can get for the price. The vitamix is pretty pricey but it is totally worth it, that’s the last.blender you’ll ever need. Once again thanks for the feedback

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